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Rental Exhibition Equipment

Rental exhibition equipment includes equipment needed for trade shows and other commercial events.

Among these equipments; It includes many items such as booth design and construction, screens, projectors, sound and light systems, furniture, security equipment, internet and telecommunication equipment.

We have been providing this team and equipment since 2017 and we have accumulated many happy / satisfied customers in the sector. If we examine the rental exhibition equipment in more detail:

1. Stand Design & Construction:

Rental stands are an option that attracts attention and provides a professional appearance in the fairground for organizations. The stands are scalable and customizable as they usually have a modular structure. Rental stands are offered by our teams with professional installation and maintenance services.

2. Screens & Projectors:

Rental screens and projectors are essential for viewing presentations and videos of organizations. These equipment usually provide high resolution and high quality images. With this kind of equipment, you can rotate your photos and videos in the background and impress your guests.

3. Sound & Light Systems:

Rental sound and light systems are essential for organizations to announce speeches, music and other sounds. These equipment generally provide professional quality and ease of use. This type of equipment is used in larger fairs and organizations. If you prefer, as TEC Exhibitions Consultancy, we also provide you with installation and control personnel.

4. Furniture:

Rental furniture is necessary for organizations to provide a comfortable and professional environment in the fairground. Furniture options include tables, chairs, corner arrangements and sofas. We know that if you make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed, they will establish such warm and sincere relations with you.

5. Internet & Telecommunications Equipment:

Rental internet and telecommunication equipment is necessary for organizations to provide internet access and telephone services in the fairground. These equipment include WiFi routers, telephone exchanges and internet cable.

6. Required Personnel:

Hosts and hostesses who do this job professionally are number 1 in promoting your business and making your company look more friendly. You also need professional translators who can agree with your guests at foreign fairs. TEC Exhibitions Consultancy provides you with the necessary fair staff support with its experience in the sector.

Impressive Rental Stands

It makes the most sense to rent equipment that will impress your customers and guests at the fairgrounds. At TEC Exhibitions Consultancy, you can impress your customers with your presentation and make them understand your projects better with innovative and custom fairground designs.

You can strengthen your fair area with fair services such as catering in addition to the services you rent, so you can keep your customers at your stand more.

TEC Exhibitions Consultancy aims exactly this. We provide professional design and team on how long you will keep your customers at your stand. So we design, you can do your job better.

Advantages of Renting Exhibition Equipment

Rental exhibition equipment is an effective option for organizations in terms of money and time. It doesn't make much sense to buy equipment that you will only use during an event and not use afterward. If you rent this equipment, you don't have to worry about the maintenance, storage or purchasing costs of the equipment on an ongoing basis.

We usually offer the equipment you rent from TEC Exhibitions Consultancy with professional installation and maintenance services. This ensures that organizations' equipment is set up and operated correctly and problems are resolved during operation. In this way, you will not encounter any setbacks and your fair stand will be set up on time.

In addition, at the end of your fair, you will not have to deal with extra equipment disassembly and similar situations. Our professional team of experts dismantles the stand they are installing and takes care of its logistics. In this process, all you have to do is tell your business and your project correctly.

Rental exhibition equipment is generally more flexible and scalable products. Organizations, companies or individuals can only rent the equipment they need and add or remove equipment as their needs change throughout the event. So the great thing about rental equipment is that you don't have to pay for more than you need.

Wherever You Want It There!

We are pleased to serve you in every fair and wherever you want in Turkey or abroad. We become happy when we make you happy, and we improve ourselves as we improve your business.

We send all the equipment you want to rent for your fairground to wherever you want, or we install it according to your request.

In this way, we are always with you with 100% customer satisfaction and 100% support.

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