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Maxima Stand

Maxima stands; It is one of the most used stand types in fairgrounds. placed vertically, usually made of metal, plastic or wood materials, they allow products or information to be displayed on it. They are the products that increase the presentations of our valued customers in the fairground and the visual quality of your stand in the fairground. We offer you special Maxima Stand designs according to the fairground you want and the size you want.

We do not rent the same product, we care about your business, your brand and your presentation as our own presentation, and we bring you together with designs that will represent you in the best way.

In general, we can say that many of our satisfied customers prefer Maxima Stands. You can impress your guests in the fairground with impressive, spacious and wide designs.

Maxima Stand Benefits

Maxima Stands have many benefits for fairgrounds. Choosing TEC Exhibitions Consultancy Maxima Stands while representing your brand creates a more aesthetic and stylish perception for you. We can list the advantages of using Maxima Stand as follows.

1. Better display of products or information:

Maxima stands allow you to better display products or information, because the products are higher up so they can be seen better and are more easily noticed by visitors. You can showcase your projects better.

2. Higher Sales:

Using Maxima booths allows you to generate higher sales due to better display of products.

3. Display More Products:

The height of Maxima stands allows you to display more products. This way you can save space. It takes less space and you can place more products/projects.

4. A more impressive appearance:

Using Maxima stands creates a more impressive appearance in the exhibition or shop. Because the products are high, they attract more attention and look more professional. It can also be noticed from afar and people can visit your booth more.

5. Take Up Less Space:

TEC Exhibitions Consultancy, using Maxima stands allows you to take up less space. In this way, you can impress your guests in different ways by opening up space for other extras.

6.Better Advertising at Exhibitions & Fairs:

Using Maxima stands allows you to advertise better at exhibitions and fairs. Impressive image means impressive presentation. These provide the opportunity to make a more successful advertisement.

7. Technology-Friendly:

TEC Exhibitions Consultancy, maxima stands are technology-friendly. It can be designed as you wish and supported by technological equipment. Using technological equipment in your presentations allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and to impress your guests more.

Everyone's Choice Maxima Stand

Since 2017, many of our large and well-known customers have chosen the Maxima stand in the fairgrounds. In this way, our customers, who left their competitors in the fairgrounds, had the opportunity to make more successful and better sales. Our customers, who have been at the fairs for many years, have increased their awareness and impressiveness with Maxima Stands.

Maxima Stand Installation Process

Our priority in Maxima Stand designs is always the wishes of our valued customers. When you work with the professionalism of TEC Exhibitions Consultancy in your choice of fair, the process proceeds completely according to your wishes and needs. Maxima stands require a process until installation. This process is as follows in TEC Exhibitions Consultancy:

  • Our professional team members listen to you to analyze the project. They take note of your stand area dimensions and requests. Within the scope of this analysis, a preliminary sketch begins. Our experienced teams evaluate the competitor research on the relevant stand area and the work done in the past fairs. Thus, different and innovative ideas can be put forward.
  • After the information is collected, the design phase begins. After the rough design and modeling, the render image of your fairground is revealed.
  • The other stage of Maxima stand installation is the production of the stand in real dimensions. Here, our experienced craftsmen produce the stand specially designed for the site.
  • After the production, the final stage, which is the installation and support stage, is passed. Installation is done with care by our teams. Our professional teams are always ready to support you for possible technical problems you may experience after installation.
  • Thus, within the scope of TEC Exhibitions Consultancy, you will have a great Maxima Stand that shines at the fair. When your presentation and project is finalized, our expert teams are with you for disassembly processes.

Always With You

As TEC Exhibitions Consultancy, we are always at your side for all the services you will receive within the scope of fair services. We know very well that you should not leave your stand and the project presentation, even in case of technical problems. That's why we always stand by you to support you.

We offer full support not only for the Maxima stand, but also for all the fair services you wish within the scope of TEC Exhibitions Consultancy. TEC Exhibitions Consultancy assurance is with you in all fair services such as catering, equipment rental, host hostess support, interpreter support.

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