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Host Hostes Interpreter

We are proud to meet the host, hostess and interpreter needs you need in your fairgrounds with our experienced staff.

In order to convey your business correctly in the fairground, we meet the needs most needed with our experience in the sector, and our staff welcome your guests with enthusiasm and motivation as if they were your staff.

Education & Information First

Our relevant staff not only smiles at your stand and distributes brochures, but also gets brief information about your industry, directs your guests in case of congestion and answers their questions. Our expert team takes care of your stand as if it is their own project and guides your guests with awareness.

Our translators are professional sworn translators who are experts in their fields and have high professional foreign language levels. They protect your communication by making fast and agile translations and establish warm ties with their friendly demeanor.

Friendly Service

With the experience we have gained since 2017, we can say that the most important thing for a customer/guest at the fair stands is the smiling face and knowledge level of the staff. As TEC Exhibitions Consultancy, our staff learn about your business and project and work accordingly. With our teammates who are always smiling and understanding, the energy of your stand will always be high and the communication will always be positive.

Especially our host and hostess friends at the fairgrounds pay attention to clothing and make-up. They always take care to look clean and well-groomed. They are always courteous, representing your business and company in the best possible way.

Number 1 in Interpreter Service

Apart from normal translation, fair interpreting is a completely different service. Our translators are experts in their work, both in terms of grammar and communication. In this way, they communicate better with your customers by establishing one-to-one communication and express themselves better.

Our translators, who will accompany you in your domestic or international fairs, are selected from people who have also received training in clothing and diction. Our translator staff for fairs consists of professionals who are responsible, have a high work discipline, and most importantly, can understand and convey what they hear very well.

Fair Host & Hostess Service

As one of the well-known names in the fair host and hostess service, you always have a presentable and well-groomed fair staff at Tec Danışmanlık. You can express your brand better and host your guests in a more stylish way with relevant and well-spoken male and female stewardesses.

Our fair hosts and hostesses, who serve at the time intervals you specify, will reduce your workload in the field of reception and care to zero. In addition, our staff are professionals in this field, as they are constantly provided with the fair welcoming service. You cannot see situations such as excitement in TEC Exhibitions Consultancy personnel.

Each of our staff is staff with extensive marketing and communication knowledge. In this way, they know what points they need to address when dealing with your guests and can guide them in the right way.

Catering Stewardess

It is more prestigious for your brand to host a hostess for the catering service you request in addition to promoting in your fair area. For catering, you can choose hosts and hostesses from our specially trained and expert staff. Thus, it proceeds smoothly and in full flow at your service, like your business presentation.

Out of Fair Services

Host & Hostess needs only fairs and so on. We welcome you not only in places but also in your special invitations and balls. Our professional and friendly staff, suitable for your needs, will be by your side to provide the support you want on your special days. Thus, your invitations can be professional and perfect just like your fairs.

You can also get interpreter support within the scope of non-exhibition services. As TEC Exhibitions Consultancy, which provides all kinds of opportunities for you to develop your business, we are proud to offer a full range of services in every field we can offer.

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