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With our experienced and dynamic team, remarkable exhibition stands are with you wherever and whenever you want!

As Turkey Exhibitions Consultancy, we continue to gain happy and satisfied customers in Fair Services since 2017. We offer you a dazzling and successful exhibition stand service that will distinguish it from your competitors in exhibition areas that are meaningful and important to you.

Since 2017, it is our greatest passion to have happy customers in the fair stand sector, where our biggest motivation is your trust. With our principles on timing, correct delivery and priority of your requests, we deliver the exhibition stand wherever you want without being left behind.

Right Service at the Fair Stand

Our number one job is to deliver your fair stand orders and designs exactly as you want them. Whether Maxima stands or modular stands, the right address and the right service is TEC Consultancy.

Our priority is to understand you and to offer innovative solutions on this path. We adapt the most suitable and correct stand suggestions for your corporate identity to your budget and wishes and offer you our fair stand services. Our brand experts who take care of you closely follow the production process and bring budget-friendly innovations to your benefit. In this way, you can reach a more economical and quality booth service with TEC Consultancy.

Anywhere You Want!

As TEC Consultancy, we are proud to represent your brand wherever you want fair stand services. We increase the quality of your fairground with designs that will allow you to get maximum efficiency in every fairground you want and show your brand's identity in the best way. We are ready to serve you at any fairground you wish, just in time.

With our dynamic and innovative team, whether it is domestic or international fairs, on-time fair service is at TEC Consultancy wherever you need it!

Innovative and Sustainable Products

Within the scope of the fair stand, we always offer the new and up-to-date, not the old and customary one, but always prioritizing your wishes. If you want to have different and unique stands at the fairground than your competitors, the right address is Tec Danışmanlık!

In addition, we take care to produce our innovative products from sustainable products that are not harmful to nature, and in this way, we produce healthy works not only in the visible but also in the background.

We put great emphasis on our innovation principle, and we take care to do research with our research and development team, even going to fairs where we do not have stands or customers. In this way, we can get different ideas and we are constantly looking for solutions to how we can offer you more beautiful and different exhibition stand designs.

Fair Timing

The biggest complaint of our exhibition stand customers is usually timing. Fair stand brands may miss timing and coordination during fair periods due to densities. TEC Consulting, with its qualified and expert staff, reduces the disruptions you will experience in timing and other issues to almost zero by collecting a special consultant for you. Your fair stand is set up just in time and removed just in time.

In order to avoid these and similar mistakes, our staff listens to you very well and we plan all possible possibilities before the fair comes to life. In this way, the only thing you will think about in the fair area where you will introduce yourself and your business is your business.

Everything in the Fairground: TEC Consultancy

You can get all services within the scope of the fair area from TEC Consultancy, which is under one roof. Everything you need in the fair area, such as interpreter service, host and hostess, catering, is in one address, not only for your fair stand!

Professional service TEC, which brings you such services at a single point, meets all the needs of its customers with its full range of exhibition services. When you provide all of the fair services from one point, we gather your brand under one roof and prepare a suitable and professional presentation. This means a more efficient and impressive service.

Thanks to the convenient, timely and delicious catering service, you can offer pleasant treats to your guests who spend time at your fair and establish warmer communication. In addition, we are proud to meet all your needs at your fair stand with our talented and expert staff.

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