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Catering Service

Within the scope of catering services, we provide not only meals but also intermediate services such as coffee break and tea clock to your guests.

The service made in places such as hotels, restaurants, companies and fairs is called catering. With our experience from 2017, as TEC Consultancy, we offer you our catering service for fairs, meetings, hotels or any prom invitation organization you wish.

Advantages of Catering Service for You

The only thing you need to take care of in the fair area is your promotion. Thinking about additional services such as food and service steals your effort and time. That's why getting fair catering service is the most beneficial for you and your business.

Working with professional catering companies is a privilege and important for everyone. It has many advantages for you. We can list the advantages of catering service as follows.

  • You do not think about problems such as food and distribution, your only focus is to host your guests and make your promotion.
  • Since this is the only job of our company, you will not experience any possible problems. Everything is served on time and in place.
  • Catering service is like a tradition all over the world. Its absence makes a serious difference. You can protect your prestige thanks to professional catering service.

No Surprises

With our experience in the sector, we can say that the fair catering service is a service that does not leave room for surprises and should function like a machine. It should always be served with delicious and always fresh treats.

As TEC Consultancy, we offer you these economical and fresh flavors, thus saving you time, unnecessary expenses and additional expenses. 

So How Do We Do It?

  • We always check our materials and do not send them stale.
  • We work with expert, polite and courteous personnel, and we enable them to serve just like your company/business.


  • We keep the timing above all else. You don't fit us, we fit you. We learn the presentation & interim balance you have planned, and we make the service ready at that moment, whenever you want it.
  • We offer a visual service as well as on the palate with professional presentation plates. Just as you impress your guests with your presentations at fairs and meetings, we surprise them with our rich plates during their breaks and make professional presentations.
  • We believe that recovery should be on time as it should be on time for service. We think that you should not deal with extra catering details according to the plan you will make at the end of your fair promotions. We believe that you should spend your fair minutes productively without looking back, as if we didn't exist at all.

A Service You Shouldn't Look Back

As TEC Consultancy, our main goal is to spend your fair time in the most efficient way. Therefore, you should not deal with additional work and services outside of your job. We think that the energy you spend in this area should be spent on better marketing and showing your business and your stand.

We have been proudly serving since 2017 so that you can provide a professional catering service without looking back, do not think about the quality of the materials, the timing of the presentations and services, the service style of the staff, what should be presented and when.

Catering Services

  • Priority is always yours when getting catering services for your organizations such as fairs. Here, your wishes are predominant. If you wish, you can take advantage of our ready-made menus or choose your own menu. Within the scope of catering service;

  • Creating your own menu is an unusual and beautiful option. You can stand out from your competitors in the fairgrounds and offer your guests an exquisite catering experience. Since companies attend such fairs a lot, an unusual food service may affect them even more.

  • You can get service not only in the fairgrounds, but wherever you want. You can pamper your guests and yourself with TEC Consultancy catering and cocktail service in all areas such as your invitations, graduations, proms, and societies.

  • With services such as Coffee Break, you can have pleasant conversations between presentations and establish a more intimate bond with the companies you promote your business and products.

  • By choosing one of our ready-made menus, you can also choose to offer a fast and trouble-free service thanks to the rich menu.

  • You can request as many waiters and service personnel as you want, and you can enrich your catering service with the personnel.

    Catering Prices

    Prices for fair catering service are quite affordable. However, it is impossible to give an exact price. Prices may vary depending on your invitation, location, desired menu and service personnel. However, we must state that even when you get the most luxurious and stylish catering service, the cost of your effort will not exceed and it will not be worth your efforts.

    Catering service in organizations such as fairs is an important service that you should not avoid. Every customer who will visit your brand and your stand will in some way be attracted to your catering service.

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