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Turkey Exhibitions Consultancy

Turkey Exhibitions Consultancy (TEC) is a fair consulting company founded in 2017 by a young, dynamic and experienced team based in Mersin. TEC aims to provide the best service to both domestic and foreign exhibitors and has announced its name in the sector in a short period of time with the advantage of the quality and favorable prices


Participation in fairs, preparation, accommodation, presentation is a process that requires intensive study. TEC participates in counseling in finding the most suitable fair for them, meeting with the organizer on behalf of the client, designing the stand, managing the participation process, hosting hostess, equipment rental, accommodation, interpreter etc

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Turkey Exhibitions Consultancy

Tec Exhibition Consultancy and Neventum have a reliable alliance for the attendance of hostesses in Turkey. Neventum has more than 12,000 suppliers worldwide with presence in more than 146 countries, Neventum offers construction and design of stands, catering and receptionists.

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It is necessary for us to earn the trust of not making money. Our first goal is to get to know people and to help them.

You can reach us at any time of day from anywhere in the world. We give you a return guarantee within 30 minutes.

You can make a presentation with peace of mind by taking the package including Transfer, Accommodation, Stand Design, Equipment.

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